• Modular by choice

    Modules = freedom

    Modules equal freedom

    Of course, since we want to add value and be useful to our users, we have tons of features and more are added regularly. But that can get overwhelming very fast, especially if you never use some of them. The result is cluttered, confusing menus full of options you don't care about, getting in the way of what you're actually looking for.

    We've figured out the solution. Choice. We give our users complete control over what features they want to enable or disable. And neither option is permanent either, so feel free to change your mind as many times as you want, enabling and disabling modules to your heart's content.

    Modules = features

    Modules equal freedom

    Ah, the features. The best part. Here's a list of all current modules with a link to their wiki page in the Support Space if you'd like to know more about them.

    • Anonymous NotesSoon
    • Anonymous Double-blind MessagingSoon
    • Anonymous QuestionsSoon
    • BloggingBeta
    • ClassifiedsBeta
    • Custom Pages
    • File Manager
    • Polls
    • Q&ABeta
    • Tasks
    • Wiki
    • [Widget] DiscordSoon
    • [Widget] Link List
    • [Widget] LinkedInSoon
    • [Widget] Most Active Users (in space)Soon
    • [Widget] EtsySoon
    • [Widget] SoundcloudSoon
    • [Widget] SteamSoon
    • [Widget] TwitchSoon

    Modules = the future

    Modules equal the future

    One of our goals here at Snip is to empower our users. We do this by providing useful tools to help them get organized and get things done. We provide the tools for free so that you can focus on building great things!

    If you'd like to see a module, integration or service that we don't currently offer, feel free to contact us with your suggestion and we'll add it to our list. Doesn't matter how big your idea is. Around here we're all about big, crazy ideas that everyone says could never happen.