• Personal by nature

    Make it your own!Soon

    Personalize your experience

    Your profile is an extension of your personality. It's your online identity, so it's important to make sure it really does represent you.

    In addition to conventional personalization options like your profile picture and cover picture, we will soon roll out the ability to use custom colors in your profile, and even a custom background image if you wish.

    Get comfortable and make your profile or workspace just how you want it.

    Dark Mode!

    Dark like my soul!

    Depending on who you ask, white is either "a clean look" or "the devil". This is one of the most decisive questions of today. So unlike other social networks, we decided to give you that choice.

    Partocilarly for night readers, it can be very damaging for your eyes to read in the dark, especially when you have to focus on small black text over your device's blinding white bright light.

    We understand this, which is why we've added a robust optional dark mode that you can toggle on or off at any time and we will always remember your last preference. We care about your eyes!

    Own your data!

    You own your data

    Some social networks include in their terms that any content uploaded to their website belong to them. Even if the user deletes it, it will never disappear from their servers.

    As terrifying and appalling as this is, it's not only a matter of privacy, but also a matter of ownership. For many people, like photographers and content creators, their content is their livelihood.

    Here at Snip.City, we respect you and your data. We would never do something so predatory.

    Express yourself with music and videos!Soon

    Profile music and videos!

    While you can already add music and videos to your profile either by posting a link or uploading a file, we're soon rolling out the ability to add music and videos to your profile's About page as well. This way, you can add an intro video or your favorite song to share with everyone who visits your profile, without having to clog up your wall with pinned posts.

    And yes, stories are coming too.