• Productive by design

    No ads, no distractions!

    We decided early on to not serve ads, for a very simple reason: They're annoying, ineffective and everyone hates them! We actually care about our users and the experience they have on our website.

    We also believe that internet advertising does not belong in the free and decentralized Web 3.0. Being bombarded by ads for an app you've already installed isn't likely to lead to conversions that would offset the frustration and distraction caused by those ads.

    Additionally, unlike other social networks, we don't use notifications and other psychological means of trapping you on our website for longer periods of time and getting you addicted so you can keep coming back. That kind of behavior has been proven to cause psychological problems, especially in impressionable children, and that's not something we can condone.

    Productivity built right in!

    Snip is designed to get work done. Make a workspace for your project, add the collaborators and you're ready to go. Right out of the box, we have features that mainstream social networks don't. As an example, built-in support for Office documentsSoon, allowing you to create and collaboratively edit of Office documents without having to go to another website or download and re-upload files like the 90s. We also offer built-in support for Draw.io, which allows you to create illustrative charts and diagrams, also right in Snip.City. We deal with the bureaucracy so you can focus on getting your work done with the least hassle.

    For corporate and special requirements, please contact us to discuss pricing and make sure we can accommodate you.

    Modules are the new apps

    We want Snip to be as flexible as possible to suit your needs. This means the freedom to enable and disable whatever features you want, which is why we use a module system.

    Modules can greatly expand the features of Snip and exponentially increase your productivity. Tools like file management, task management and polls give you more power when you need it to get organized and get things done, and disappear when you no longer need them.

    For more information on our modules, you can continue reading here. Otherwise, if you've already created an account, you can explore and experiment yourself with existing modules over at your Profile Modules page or your Space Modules page.