• Private by default

    Built from the ground up with privacy in mind, to give you granular privacy controls. We don't share anything with anyone, even if they pay for it.

    Personal by nature

    We respect your data and protect it. Everything you share on Snip belongs to you forever. You control access to it and can delete it at any time.

    Productive by design

    Without ads or distractions, and with built-in productivity and collaboration tools, Snip helps you get organized and work alone or in a team.

    Positive by far

    No algorithms, no spying, no manipulation, no nonsense. Everything you want and nothing you hate.

    Modular by choice

    Add only what you want to use, and get rid of the rest. No more cluttered, confusing menus. Everything you need and nothing you don't.

    Perfect by aim

    Our goal is to address all of social media's problems and create the best solution with no compromises. Made by users, for users.